Altta First Aid Offers 4 First Aid Courses

The Altta Group exist solely to provide an extensive range of training, from Mental Health Courses to Health and Safety. 

Altta First Aid provides first aid training courses for people who have been chosen to be the company’s first aider. Other courses we offer are suitable for Teachers, School Nurses, or anyone who is in charge of the care of a child. 

First Aid treatment is all about the welfare of the injured parties, and also the welfare of the first aider. We ensure that all people that take our courses have the best training to manage any first aid emergencies. Our team of First Aid Trainers are from a range of different backgrounds; from frontline security to firefighters. We also feel it’s important that our trainers are more than somebody who has read a book and completed a course. But someone who has had the first-hand experience. 

We provide four main First Aid Courses. But of course, if you do not think any of these courses will benefit your needs, we can tailor a bespoke course just for you. Also, although based in Peterborough, we ‘re able to provide these courses at venues and places of your choice. 

3 Day First Aid At Work Course 

This 3 Day Emergency First Aid At Work course runs over three days and is for employees who have been chosen to be the company first aider. The course covers five main areas of first aid; Cardiac Problems, Initial Care, Specific Injury Management, Illness Management, and other Primary Care First Aid problems. 

We also require no end test, instead, the instructor will demonstrate each section and the candidates will need to complete the task to the required standards. Although candidates do need to take a theory paper to confirm that learning has taken place. You’ll receive a first aid book via email after the course, which will keep you updated for the three years that the qualification is valid. You’ll also be given a chance to subscribe to video refreshers. 

1 Day Emergency First Aid At Work Course

This course runs over one day and is for employees who’ve been chosen to be the company first aider. This is an intensive course with a lot to take in. The three main areas of Emergency First Aid that we cover are; Initial care, Cardiac problems and other Primary first aid problems. 

The course requires no test at the end, instead throughout the training, the instructor will demonstrate each section of the course, and then the candidates will be expected to complete the course. 

Furthermore, after the successful completion of the course, you’ll be emailed a first aid book that’ll keep you up to date for the next three years. After the three years, a refresher course will be required to be taken to remain an emergency first aider.

2 Day Re-Qualification 

This 2 Day Re-Qualification course is open to anyone who has a valid first aid at work training certificate. Candidates must take this course within 28 days after the certificate expires. 

The course itself is delivered over two days, and like the other courses we run, doesn’t require an end test. Although candidates will be required to carry out practical exercises over the two days. 

After the successful completion of the course, candidates will be emailed login details to their own dashboard. From there they can download first aid manuals and view video refreshers.

12 Hour Paediatric First Aid Course

This 12-hour paediatric course is suitable for Teachers, School Nurses, Parents and anyone who is in charge of looking after children. As well as being an excellent course for child carers, it’s also an ideal course for workplace professionals.

Again, this course also requires no end test, just requires candidates to complete tasks to the right standards. The course covers areas from recognising and responding appropriately to serious bleeding etc. to Epilisepy and Asthma.

After completing the course, you’ll be emailed a first aid book that’ll keep you up to date for the next three years along with video refreshers.

Our training academy is located in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. However we’re able to come to a venue and location of your choice if more suitable for you.

If you need a first aid course for an employee who’s been chosen to be the company first aider, or if you’re someone who is in charge of the care of a child, and would like to book a course, please get in touch.

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COVID-19 Update

We are now taking the government advice of stopping all training except for key workers. Some of our training can still be delivered remotely or online. This could also include course where this was not possible before. We need to consider our staff and our customers during this time of difficulty. Governing bodies are constantly trying new training methods that can help you stay compliant. We will keep you updated via our social media channels such as Facebook, Linekdin and Twitter. Please still stay in contact with us via email at All questions will be answered from there. We hope you understand why we have taken this measure but rest assured when we are all allowed to continue with our normal daily life we will have sufficient staff to get you the training you require.

We wish you and your families a safe few weeks and very much look forward to seeing you all soon.